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Root Work Foundation (RWF) is the organization of dedicated and motivated individuals who are striving hard to achieve its mission. It was established in year 2002 as a non-government organization (NGO) and it works for the development and empowerment of most vulnerable and marginalized groups of women, children and youth.

RWF is currently working in four districts of Sindh Province of Pakistan. It has successfully implemented about 33 projects in Sindh and Balochistan province since its inception. RWF is supporting its target groups in the areas of education, gender, livelihood, capacity building, health, emergency response, water & sanitation and physical infrastructure development.     

Temporary Learning Centers: A Unique Way of Emergency Education…

The recent rain-caused flood emergency in Sindh Province has badly affected the education of children. The non-functioning of formal schools has resulted in lots of loss to the education of children in flood affected areas. This has worsened the overall state of education in the province which is already faced by multiple challenges and problems. To cope up with the issue; RWF has established the Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) with the support of UNICEF in two flood affected districts of Sindh Province. The TLCs has helped in revival of education in flood affected areas and has been able to provide education and learning opportunities to more than 6000 children of district Tando Mohammad Khan and Badin where 150 TLCs has been established. More about TLCs...
Promoting Primary Education
Root Work Foundation is actively engaged in promoting primary education. It is one of the key thrusts of the “Education and Literacy Program” to promote primary education and literacy in the areas where the facilities does not exist or are not adequate to cater the primary education needs of the community.
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Responding Emergencies
Responding emergencies is one of the key area of Root Work Foundation's thematic thrusts. As part of its ‘Disaster Response and Sustainable Livelihoods Program’; Root Work Foundation actively engages in responding emergencies wherever and whenever possible.
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Education Livelihood Relief Distribution Community Infrastructure
Gender Equality Capacity Building Shelter Water & Sanitation

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